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Nature medicine

BMFH bioscience of microbiota, food and health : the official joint scientific journal of the Japan Bifidus Foundation, Japan Society for Lactic Acid Bacteria and Japanese Association for Food Immunology

Parasitology international official journal of the Japanese Society of Parasitology

Journal of infection and chemotherapy official journal of the Japanese Society of Chemotherapy and the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases

Allergology international

HIV body and mind



千葉大学真菌医学研究センター報告 Annual report of Research Center for Pathogenic Fungi and Microbial Toxicoses, Chiba University


Allergia trends

感染と消毒 antiseptics and disinfectants for infection control

インフルエンザ Infuruenza : その他の呼吸器感染症

Herpes management

Histo-logic Japan

Infection control the Japanese journal of infection control : ICT・ASTのための医療関連感染対策の総合専門誌

Infection control

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