NDL Services

The NDL continues to digitize its collections and make digital content for which copyright has been cleared accessible via the Internet. This Search guide explains how to search for digital images.

For further information on online library services, please go to List of Online Services.

1. National Diet Library Digital Collections

The NDL Digital Collections enables a user to search and view a variety of resources, collected and stored by the National Diet Library of Japan.

National Diet Library Digital Collections

2. Digital Exhibitions

The NDL Gallery features digital exhibitions of the NDL's unique collections with easy-to-understand explanations.

National Diet Library Digital Exhibitions

3. Reproduction of digital contents

Please refer to the following webpage which contains information on how to inquire about reproducing any item or any portion of any item (image, document, article, data, etc.) on the website of the National Diet Library, (provided under the domain of "ndl.go.jp" or "kodomo.go.jp") by reprint, publication (including e-books, etc.), broadcasting, exhibition or posting on the website and any other medium.

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