Eiryo Ashihara Collection

This is a collection of ballet, chanson, drama, and circus materials compiled by Eiryo Ashihara (1907-1981), a known scholar and critic of ballet and music. Beginning with approximately 5,400 Western books, 5,200 musical scores, and 9,300 records, it is composed of a variety of materials including all sorts of performance programs and posters, colored woodblock prints, and personally handwritten notes. 

Numbers written in 【 】 are our library call number.


1. How to Search
2. How to Use


1. How to Search

Click the checkbox "Ashihara Collection" on the NDL Online Advanced search screen.
*It is not possible to request materials from NDL Online.

Some of the colored woodblock prints can also be searched and viewed in the National Diet Library Digital Collections (Rare Books and Old Materials)Link to the National Diet Library Digital Collections.

In addition, the following catalogs are open-access in the Tokyo Main Library Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room. In the contents database, you can also search the titles (both in the original language and in Japanese translation) collected in Volume 3 Part 4.


2. How to Use

After confirming the call number, please fill out the material request form available in the Tokyo Main Library Music and Audio-Visual Materials Room and submit it at the counter. Permission is required to view some of materials in the collection, such as records and performance programs, etc.

These items may not be lent out by the library.




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