Digital Archives of Cultural Institutions in Asia

The term "digital archives" refers to digital databases of the collections at institutions such as libraries, museums, and national archives. For example, the National Diet Library Digital Collections is one such digital archive.

The National Diet Library Search allows users to search digital archives of cultural institutions in Japan. A list of searchable archives is available in Japanese at cooperation destination.

This search guide describes digital archives as well as portal sites for simultaneously searching multiple digital archives that have been made available free of charge to the general public by major cultural institutions of China, Taiwan, and Korea.


1. China
2. Taiwan
3. Korea

1. China

  • The National Digital Library of ChinaLink to an external site (National Library of China)( (Chinese)
    This site is for searching materials digitized by the National Library of China and digital data provided by other institutions, such as public libraries. Patrons must register in order to read these materials. Patrons who have visited the National Library of China and obtained a library card are able to log onto the website from their PC anywhere in the world using their patron number and password. Also, remote registration is available to anyone who has a mobile device registered in their own name from a Chinese provider. International roaming access is required, however, in order to register from a mobile device outside of China.
  • The National Digital Culture NetworkLink to an external site ( (Chinese)
    This is a national project to create a digital archive of cultural resources, integrating the archives of libraries, museums, cultural groups, and research institutions. It features digital images of the collections of museums as well as video of operas and local theaters and also includes practical information such as videos on the cultivation of vegetables.
  • China Academic Digital Associative Library Link to an external site(CADAL)(
    CADAL is an international digitization project led primarily by university libraries in China. Individuals who do not belong to a participating institution are able to register and search for materials, but only old materials are accessible online.
  • CNGI University Digital MuseumLink to an external site ( (Chinese)
    This site is for searching the content of 26 digital archives created by museums and other facilities affiliated with universities. It has links to museums and public archives.


  • Digital TaiwanLink to an external site (Academia Sinica) (
    This site is for searching the content of digital collections at institutions in Taiwan such as the Academia Sinica, the National Central Library, and the Academia Historica. Accessibility to content differs for each participating institutions. It has also links to related English- and Japanese-language sites, although those sites have limited functionality.
  • Collections, Ministry of CultureLink to an external site (Ministry of Culture)( (Chinese)
    This site is for searching the content of collections and publications at 15 museums such as the National Taiwan Museum, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Museum of Taiwan History.
  • Archives Cross Boundaries Link to an external site(National Archives Administration, National Development Council) (
    This site is for searching the content of 94 digital archives run by 30 different archives, museums, and other institutions in Taiwan. Accessibility of content differs for each participating institution.
  • Taiwan E-BookLink to an external site (National Central Library, Taiwan) (
    This site is a digital archive of 26,000 books and government publications that were issued from 1911 to 1949.
  • National Repository of Cultural HeritageLink to an external site (Ministry of Culture) (
    This site is a digital archive of more than a million different photographs, works of art, works of music, historical documents, and 11 other categories of cultural artifact that have been digitized by museums in Taiwan.


  • National Digital LibraryLink to an external site (National Library of Korea) (
    This site is for searching the content of digital archives at the National Library of Korea and 7 other institutions in Korea. Accessibility of content differs for each participating institution.
  • Korean History OnlineLink to an external site (National Institute of Korean History)(
    This site features an integrated search system created by the National Institute of Korean History, Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul National University Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, and 16 other institutions. It allows users to search for books, documents, periodicals, and research materials about historical subjects. Digital images are available of some of these materials.
  • Korea National Heritage PortalLink to an external site (Cultural Heritage Administration)(
    This site is for searching information resources related to cultural artifacts owned by institutions such as the Cultural Heritage Administration. It contains digitized photographs and images.

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