Digital archives which allow easy secondary use (Libraries in Japan)

Databases which contain digital data of the collections of institutions such as libraries, museums and archives are generally called "digital archives." For example, the National Diet Library Digital Collections which is provided by the National Diet Library is a digital archive.

A growing number of digital archives are making images of materials available on the Internet after they enter the public domain, and some of them do not require applying for permission to reproduce these images with the aim of publishing, televising or offering them on the Internet.

This guide introduces digital archives of libraries in Japan which do not require applying for permission for reproduction under certain conditions.

*Some databases contain images which require permission for reproduction. If changes are made to the image, they must be indicated in some cases. Please see each website for further details.

This guide does not cover all databases which allow easy secondary use.

1. National Diet Library

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2. Public libraries

3. University libraries

4. Others