NDL Image Bank

Before the Internet and even before television, books were a major source of visual information.
The NDL Image Bank showcases items from the National Diet Library's substantial collection of visual materials, including ukiyo-e woodblock prints, books, magazines, and other forms of published media.

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Beautiful Japanese Landscapes

This section introduces beautifully colored Japanese landscapes from ukiyo-e prints by UTAGAWA Hiroshige and others, as well as shin-hanga (new prints) from the Meiji, Taisho, and early Showa periods.

Chronicle of the Year in Nishiki-e

This section introduces seasonal events and customs depicted in nishiki-e of the Edo period.

I Am a Cat and Illustrations

These are illustrations for I Am a Cat, a famous novel in the Meiji era. In addition, there are illustrations for the magazine Hototogisu in which I Am a Cat was serialized, as well as works by the artists who drew those illustrations.