The O'Ryan Mission to Japan and Occupied China, 1940 (Japan and America, c1930-1955: Series 2)

Reel 1
  • Diary of Far Eastern Trip by Dr. Simon N Whitney.
  • Notes on conversations and conference prepared by Dr Whitney.
  • Report to General O'Ryan by Professor Hunsberger and Dr Whitney.
  • Background and memoranda prepared for General O'Ryan by Professor Hunsberger.
  • Excerpts from General O'Ryan's report to the Japan Economic Federation and Notes on General O'Ryan's report by Dr Whitney and Professor Hunsberger.
  • Materials prepared for the mission by the Japan Economic Federation.
  • Professor Hunsberger's pencil notes.
Reel 2
  • Text of a radio broadcast speech by General O'Ryan on 15 August, 1940.
  • Professor Hunsberger's CV and miscellaneous letters concerning the O'Ryan Mission written by Professor Hunsberger.
  • Article entitled 'The Coming War with Japan' written by Professor Hunsberger in the autumn of 1940 and submitted to, but rejected by a number of magazines - includes the rejection letters and covering letters.
  • Comments of Dr Whitney and General O'Ryan re: the material listed above.
  • Materials relating to the Joint Committee of Thirty - an American Club in Shanghai that entertained the mission while it was in China, including a newspaper article (source not indicated) to which Whitney makes reference in the Diary.
  • Press releases and newspaper clippings collected while the group was in Asia.
  • Materials prepared and given to Professor Hunsberger by Frank S Booth, an American the group met in Asia. Includes an article written by Booth in Japanese and clearly published in Japan, but with no indication to where it was published.
  • Miscellaneous agendas, timetables, etc.
  • Lists of personnel, guests, interviewees, etc. Also business cards identifying some of the Japanese interviewed.
  • Materials prepared for General O'Ryan by Professor Hunsberger. O'Ryan Mission 1940.
  • Miscellaneous materials collected by Professor Hunsberger.
  • Photographs from Mrs. Whitney that relates to the O'Ryan Mission and the Seventh Japan ? America Students Conference.
  • Whitney, Simon N. 'Impressions of a Far Eastern Trip'. The Yale Review. Dec. 1940.
  • Hunsberger, Warren S. 'The O'Ryan Mission to Japan'. Pacific Affairs. Sep. 1943.
  • An Interview with Dr. Warren S. Hunsberger. (American Society during World War II, Oral History Series; v. 5). 1982. Tokyo, Center for American Studies, Univ. of Tokyo, College of Education.
  • 米国国立公文書館所蔵文書(RG59)からオライアン使節関係の国務省文書6点と陸軍省文書2点。
  • ルーズベルト図書館所蔵文書からオライアンとルーズベルト大統領との間の使節に関する書簡とコーデル・ハル国務長官の意見。
日米間の緊張が高まっていた1940年夏、ジョン・オライアン(John F. O'Ryan、第一次世界大戦におけるニューヨーク州兵師団長(少将)で1940年当時ウォール街のロー・ファームLoucksの共同経営者)、投資顧問のサイモン・ホイットニー(Simon Whitney)と日本経済の専門家ウォーレン・ハンスバーガー(Warren Hunsberger)らから成るオライアン使節団が、日本経済連盟の招きで、日本各地と中国の日本軍占領地域(満洲、華北、華中)を訪問し、日本の政界・経済界の多数の指導者(明石照男、鮎川義介、藤原銀次郎、松岡洋右、迫水久常、など)とアジアの外国人社会の代表者と会見した。この使節は、元外交官で日本経済連盟対外委員会副委員長であった澤田節蔵が企画したもので、使節団の結成には、大蔵省のニューヨーク駐在財務官西山勉と関係のあったイーストマン・ディロン社のノーバート・マッケンナ(Nobert A. McKenna)が尽力した。
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